Crappie Tacos With A Lingonberry Slaw

These were the greatest thing I think I have ever made that were fish related.  I couldn’t cook them fast enough.  After the fish was gone, people blew through the remainder of the slaw so quick you would of thought there was gold coins at the bottom of the bowl!  Best Fish tacos ever, and they are super simple!  Here is what you will need


1) Fresh Caught Crappies, but really any fish would work.  I am going to try Walleye next time

2) Oil for frying the fish

3) Salt and Pepper

4) Breading for Fish to fry

5) Lingonberry Sauce – Here is a link to how I made mine

6) Cabbage to shred for the Cole Slaw or a bag of the pre shredded Cabbage.

7) Flour Tortilla shells


Go ahead and pan fry the fish to your liking.  I like to use a basic shore lunch breading and I add in the salt and pepper for a little extra flavor.  Once you have the filets fried and siting on a paper towel to drain, go ahead and either make the sauce, or if you already have it made, mix it in to the cole slaw.  Based off my recipe for the sauce, you will only use about half the bag of pre shredded before the sauce to slaw ratio becomes to off.  You can easily double the sauce recipe.


Once that is set, the rest is easy!  Throw some filets on a tortilla, throw on some of the Lingonberry Slaw, crack open a cold Coors Light and enjoy!   So easy, and yet so incredibly awesome!  You won’t be let down!  Just writing this makes me want to leave work and go catch some more panfish!  Enjoy!

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