Atmosphere @ The Palace Theatre in St Paul MN

Friday night was the Grand Opening of the Historic Palace Theatre in downtown St Paul. It is right on Wabasha & 7th Pl right next to Great Waters Brewing. It is the first time this place has seen life since the late 70’s. What a cool place. It looks exactly like a rundown old 70’s era building that they just threw some new light bulbs in, hung speakers, stocked the bar and swept the floor.  It had a very cool look, and the sound was incredible. Possibly some of the best sound I have ever heard at a show.  The Mayor of St Paul even came out and gave a speech.

Everyone there killed it.  Maybe the best Ryhmesayers show I have ever seen and I have seen a few.  Lady Midnight was pretty good. I dug her sound and I loved her Princess Leia dress and hair!  Dem Atlas was rockin!  He came out into the crowd right next to us at the end of the night.  I have never seen Sims but he destroyed it.  So good. And of course Atmosphere was awesome as always. Added bonus, Comedian Hannibal Buress came out to introduce them!

I hope the palace theatre gets serious about music, because that place was pretty awesome!

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