On This Day In 2008

I quit smoking! It was one of those deals where I loved cigarettes. Every one was like a tiny hug in my lungs, but I also knew it was time to quit. I had seen some people close to me go through some stuff so it was time.  I picked a date, and committed.  Cold Turkey is the way to go. It is rough for the first couple weeks but it really mellows out. I remember the worst parts were the dreams where I would wake up thinking I had a cigarette.


So I am unsure how much money I saved since smokes have gone up in price several times since I quit, but I think I roughly figured out how many cigarettes I haven’t put between my lips.

20 / day x 365 days / year x 9 years = 65, 700!!!!!!!

That’s 3,285 packs

@ 4.25, the price per pack when I quit

3,285 x 4.25 = $13,961.00  —   Holy Crap!  That’s a brand new Kia!


If your thinking of quitting, hang in there, it only gets easier!

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  1. Audrey says:

    I quit cold turkey in 2007. Congrats! It’s not easy but if you really want to quit you stick to it, is what I learned.

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    1. parkerozgood says:

      Congrats to you as well!


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