Old Bay Seasoned Grilled Shrimp

I love Shrimp, and I realy love Grilled Shrimp! It is such a easy thing to do and so quick. Well, the prep for the shrimp is not really a quick process, but the grilling part only takes about 6 minutes. You first have to pick the right shrimp. I like fresh ones and I usually ask how long they have been in the case. Peeling and de veining the shrimp is a chore but worth it.


Once they are cleaned up, I like to slide them onto a flat metal skewer, but the wood ones work just fine to. Once I have them all skewered up, I sprinkle them with Olive Oil and then season them with some Old Bay Seasoning.


I get the coals nice and warm and I like to lay the skewers almost right over the coals. Throw the lid on and give it about 3 minutes. Take the lid off and flip them. After that next 3 minutes pull them off, let them cool a little and enjoy! Shrimp are like their own little thermometers!

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