Green Day Live @ The Excel Energy Center in St Paul Minnesota

Saturday April Fools Day was also a Concert Day down in Downtown St Paul at the Excel Energy Center home of the Minnesota Wild.  Tonights concert was Green Day. I saw them in the mid 90’s but I have always wanted to see them again.  I was surprised to see such a huge sold out crowd.  I was aware that they had a big following, but the size of the crowd and the large variations in age really blew my mind!


They played for about 2 hours, but 30 minutes of that was crowd interaction and random killing time. They brought a few people out of the crowd to do random things. They had a couple kids come up and sing and they even had a kid come out of the pit to play some guitar with the band. They even let him keep the guitar, pretty cool.


The sound was good clear and loud. High quality but the Excel always sounds good.  Was it a good show, yes. Was it a great show, not really. Happy I went.

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