When Life Gives You Brisket, You Make Burnt Ends!

I was super bummed last week when I made Brisket that I didn’t take the time to make some Burnt Ends with the Point of the cut.  But everything always comes full circle!  I was at a buddies house Friday night enjoying a ice cold Coors Light when he mentions that he has 4 Briskets he needs to cook because he over bought some and they were never froze.  He said to grab one on my way back to my truck.


I got to his garage and opened his fridge expecting to see a couple 4 lb cuts in there.  Instead he has 4 what I would guess would be 16 lb untrimmed Briskets.  I picked the one that I thought looked best and went home and starting trimming.  I managed to cut the whole piece into 2 nice Briskets and 1 smaller long cut.

I threw them into the Smoker at 230 degrees for about 10 hours when they hit roughly 195 degrees.


I took almost 1 entire Brisket and dedicated it to making Burnt Ends.  Those really are my favorite part of a Brisket! So good.  I start buy cubing the meat into small roughly 1″ squares. I throw them all into a shallow disposable tin pan and I coat the entire thing with some BBQ sauce.

This time I used a King’s Hawaiian Bread Smokey Bacon BBQ Sauce. I toss the meat lightly so it is all covered and I put it back into the smoker at 230 degrees for about a hour.


When you pull them out the tops of the meat will look Burnt and that’s how you know they are done. Grab a toothpick and start plucking them out of the pan to eat, make a sandwich whatever you heart desires! Just don’t miss out on the Burnt End experience!

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  1. Audrey says:

    Oh my! Love burnt ends! I’ve never made them myself, it sounds like I could give this a try. Time to dust off the smoker!

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