Grilled PorkenStein Burgers

Porkenstein just seemed like a appropriate name for them. A great burger and very filling. I started by taking a 1/2 lb of ground beef and mixing it with 2 large uncooked Brats I got from the local deli.I just uncased the brats and mixed the 2 meats together into patty form.

I grilled those for about 13 minutes just on the edge of my coals only flipping the burgers twice.


Once they were cooked, I threw on a layer of Off The Bone Deli Honey Ham


Then I added some Cheddar Cheese


Then I added Some Mozzarella


Then I topped it with Bacon

and covered it back up on the grill with some melting domes for about 3 minutes or until all the cheese was melted. When I took it off, I topped it with some Crystal Hot Sauce. Very good but super filling. A good mix of the spicy Brat anf flame broilled Hamburger. A fun burger idea. I will try and make it a little prettier next time!

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