A Perfect Circle Live @ The Palms Resort Pearl Theatre Las Vegas 4/8/17

So here was the plan. Jump on a plane from Minneapolis early Saturday morning, see Vegas, see the show, and then jump on a Redeye home since I had to work the next day. Here is how it actually went. I bought everything in advance and I was very well planned out. I fly a bunch so I have gone through the TSA approval Pre Check so I can skip all the General security lines. Our plane was leaving at 7:30 am so we showed up about 45 minutes early. Again, with the TSA Pre Check, you don’t need to get to the airport 2 hours early. I went to print my Boarding Passes for Spirit and it gave me a error. I went to the counter and the lady very rudely told me that I was 3 minutes late for checking into their airline and they canceled my reservation and were keeping my money and there was nothing I could do about it. I asked very nicely if she could get a manager but she refused. Even looked happy to tell me to piss off. I was angry but I did not want to create a scene at the airport.  As a result, we had to buy new airfare to Vegas that cost us a additional $300 a person.

When we purchased our new airfare, we asked the lady at American about their policies.  She said they had a similar one but it was only 30 minutes before the flight. She also told us that the Spirit ticket counter employee could of had the manager manually write up our passes. The plane was even delayed but about a hour and the people at American told us that they could of reopened the check in process but again, Spirit is the worst airline ever.

So, with a quick stop now in Arizona, we were on our way. But, since we missed the whole day, my 1st time trip to Vegas was severely cut short. We landed at the airport at 6:30, took a Uber straight to the Casino for the show, saw the show, and took a Uber right back to the airport  and jumped on a plane headed home.

The show was awesome. APC played for about a hour and a half and nailed out almost all of there hits. They didn’t play Judith or 3 Libras and that was sad. The theatre was pretty cool. It held about 2500 people and it was sold out. We were way up in the back and our seats were still pretty good. The stage was dark and hard to see but that is kind of their MO. The sound was pretty clear. It was night 3 of their 2017 tour kickoff so they still had some bugs to work out.

They did release some cool Poster art though for the show. Each night they have a different artist paint a poster and they all turned out pretty cool so far. A great show, I will see APC any time I can get a chance!

The set list they played was

The Package

The Hollow

The Noose

Weak and Powerless



Thinking of you

By and Down


Whats So Funny


A Stranger

counting Bodies Like Sheep



The Outsider



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