2017 Governor’s Ball Randall’s Island New York City

My first trip to New York is in the books and here is what I learned

1. The Stereotype of People from New York being jerks and A-Holes did not really prove to be true. People were almost overly nice! I was very impressed. The only demographic of people we found who were terrible terrible examples of people were the white male and females between the ages of 16 and 28. Every other group of people regardless of age, race, gender ect were awesome! And we walked everywhere from Manhattan to Queens.

2. The Food was awesome! From the Corned Beef Sandwiches to the Pizza to Beetle House NYC to Do! Everything Rocked

3. There is Garbage everywhere. It’s not for a lack of Garbage Cans, it’s just everyone seems really lazy and fond of just throwing their trash on the ground.

4. The Subway Rats are F’N huge

5. People wearing Yankees gear are typically posers who know nothing about their team. Very disapointing.

6. The Sights to see are all incredible and worthwhile.

7. The best bar you could ever go to is the Barcelona Bar. It’s on like 8th Ave and 55th Street. The funnest bar you will ever find. Check it out.

Empire State Building

Beetle House NYC

Beetle House NYC – Awesome place if you love Halloween and Tim Burton 🎃

Statue of Liberty Battery Park

Shots with Props and Music. So awesome! #BarcelonaBar

A$ap Ferg

Wu Tang

Cage The Elephant



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  1. Awesome photos! Glad you enjoyed NYC, did you get to Brooklyn?

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    1. parkerozgood says:

      I unfortunately never made it all the way to Brooklyn. It is on the top of my list for next time I head out there.

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