Banshee Cutter Coffee Ale From Insight Brewing

Now, I have been a Coors Light fan for a long time. It was all I drank. I wasn’t a fan of Pale Ales, and that is what I thought most of these Craft beers out there are all about, but then I discovered Stouts and Porters and realized i had more amazing options. And I discovered maybe the greatest beer ever.

Now we have had Coffee flavored beers before and they are good in their own right, but they are usually pretty dark and heavy and not good for a night of drinking.

Then comes into play Banshee Cutter from Insight Brewing. It is a Light Roast Golden Coffee Ale, and when it is Ice Cold, it might possibly be the most refreshing thing I have ever drank! Such a rockin good beer! If you like Coffee, and you like beer, I can’t recommend it enough! Check it out!


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  1. I love IPAs with my favorite coming from Lift Bridge in Stillwater.

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    1. parkerozgood says:

      I do like Liftbridge. The one beer that they make for 93x is pretty good.


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