Marilyn Manson Live W/ Amazonica @ The Myth Live Nightclub 2018

I’m always stoked to see Manson. He typically always puts on a good show, along as he is partially sober. We saw him at Mystic Lake Casino a couple years ago and he was super out of it and it was a terrible show. This one started out a little slow.

He recently had a accident on stage where he fell off a prop, so his foot was in a boot and I am going to guess that he was on some pain killers. He was a little slow and slurry. But, the swetest part was he made a Gothic Throne out of a Rascal Mobility Scooter. The show definitely picked up in the second half. A little more focus and intensity.

Manson played for about a hour and a half and he nailed all of his classic hits including Sweet Dreams. He played 3 new songs and they all rocked. The music really fit him! A good show and I am sure I all see him next time he comes back to town!

The Myth is a neat place to see shows now that I have it figured out. Aside from the crazy long drive home from maplewood after the show, and the light dusting of snow, it was a good night. Here is a set list of what he played last night

1- The Reflecting God

2 – Deep Six

3 – This Is The New Shit

4 – Disposable Teens

5 – MobScene

6 – Kill4Me

7 – Revelation #12

8 – The Dope Show

9 – Sweet Dreams

10 – Tattooed In Reverse

11 – Say10

12 – Lunchbox

13 – The Nobodies

14 – The Beautiful People

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  1. meksmith1321 says:

    Whoa it looks like you got a good seat! I’ve never seen him in concert, but I’ve heard some good things on how they can go. Great photos by the way 🙂

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    1. parkerozgood says:

      He puts on a pretty good stage show


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