Badger Hill Brewing Imperial Macchiato Stout Beer Release

There is a couple sure fire paths to my heart. One is good beer, the other is good coffee. Anytime you get a chance to mix those 2 things together, I’m sold! And since yesterday being Fat Tuesday, a reason to be a glutton, I decided to go stock up on some bottles of this new release before it sells out. And it will sell out! Very good!

A nice thick dark beer that when served super cold, is so refreshing. A real awesome Winter drink. The beer has a awesome balance of coffee flavor and typical Stout flavors. Neither side is very overpowering! I love that they used Cameron’s Coffee in Shakopee to make this beer! I am a giant Cameron’s fan!

I think I might have to go back this weekend and try a few of their other options. They have a pretty awesome Peanut Butter Porter. If you are in the Shakopee area by the Track, swing in, you won’t be disappointed. They have a awesome taproom with lots of space. A sweet atmosphere!


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  1. I have yet to delve into drinking stouts. But you may have convinced me to try this one. Thanks for the tip on the Shakopee brewery. I haven’t been to that one yet. What’s your favorite MN brewery? Have you been to Imminent in Northfield? Love that one. I haven’t been to Tanzenwald, also in Northfield, but have heard great reports, especially about their German food.

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    1. parkerozgood says:

      I used to be a Coors Light guy because I thought everything was a IPA. I hate that really hoppy flavor of those beers! I like dark beers like Stouts or Porters. I have never been to the one in Northfield. I was supposed to go a couple weeks ago but plans fell through. I really want to go check out this taproom they made out of a former Chapel in Dundas. Have you seen that one yet? If you make it to Jordan, Roets is really good, and if you make it up to New Prague, Geisenbrau is a great place!


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