Bent Paddle Brewing Barrel Aged Double Shot Double American Black Ale

I walk by this bottle at my local liquor store every time I walk through it. I love the idea of the Cold Press and the Vanilla Bean and with this edition, you get twice of it, but the $28 price tag scared me off.

Recently I was talking with a friend while we were at another coffee beer release party and the conversation switched to Duluth’s Bent Paddle and this beer that I have not grabbed for a long time now. I was told I have nothing to be hesitant about and to grab a bottle the next time I am in there.

Upon the recommendation, I grabbed one and chilled that sucker to almost froze and poured myself a nice Pint. I love the Cold Press Intense flavor and the Double Vanilla Bean gives it this awesome subtle sweet Smoothness that I really dug. The smell of it was great to, you really got the hints of coffee and Chocolate. My only downside is I am not a huge Bourbon fan, so that mild burn was not something I am a giant fan of. But it was not to overpowering so it still made for a great beer.

You get about 2 solid Pint glasses out of the bottle which is the perfect amount for sitting around doing some grilling and dinner.


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  1. That had better be a life changing brew for the money! Would I pay £20+ for a beer? I don’t know but it looks good against the snow.

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    1. parkerozgood says:

      Well, really it was about $12 a pint. Good to try at least once!

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  2. I, too, would hesitate to pay that much. But sometimes you just have to do it and go for the experience (and forget about the money).

    Randy and I stopped at Chapel Brewing in Dundas last Saturday. Check my blog tomorrow for a look. I left my DSLR in the car and just snapped a few images with my smartphone. Easier that way and less intrusive.


    1. parkerozgood says:

      That’s awesome! What did you think? We were going to go there on Sunday but we went North instead. I’ll check the blog for the shots!


      1. Sorry, I didn’t post the Chapel story today. I have it slotted for Monday unless something more timely replaces it.

        I loved the beer. I had the Chapel IPA. Chapel has a really small venue, but different than other taprooms with a less industrial feel. I like the setting and would love to have a brew on the deck overlooking the Cannon River.

        Be sure to have your ID on you. You will be asked for it. Yes, even at my age…

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      2. parkerozgood says:

        With that Creek right next to the patio i bet it will be a hoppin spot in the Summer!

        At the Rennisaince Festival and Trail of Terror bars, we card everyone regardless of age as well. The state has been adding more and more Alchohol restrictions to the back of your ID that you just never know and have to look! Kinda a bummer but what do you do?


  3. That’s exactly what the folks at Chapel were doing, looking for restrictions on the backs of IDs. They’re protecting themselves and their business.

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