Awesome Jameson Whiskey Grilled Bananas With Ice Cream

I dig grilling, as you can tell. I love being outside, the crackling of the coals, ice cold beer in your hand (that parts better in the Summer) and the smell of the food sizzling on the hot grates. But grilling Hamburgers and Hotdogs can get monotonous and I am always reaching out for new ideas. One of those ideas I found a long time ago was grilled bananas. I have tweaked it a little over the years and I have a method that works pretty good. I like to call the Bananas Nickolay, Drunk Nanners or Jameson Bananas. Still debating!

First step is to get your coals going. I like to keep the coals all to one side of the grill once they are ready in the chimney to be poured out. While the coals are heating up, prep the bananas. For this run, used 3 ripe yellow bananas and I sliced them lengthwise and laid them on a pan.

Next you need to make the Whiskey glaze for them. This combo is open to interpretation and can be fudged based on your personal tastes. But for the basic, use

1/2 Cup Honey

1/2 Cup Jameson Whiskey

3 Tablespoons Brown Sugar

1 Teaspoon Pumpkin Pie Spice (really just a mix on Cinnamon, Nutmeg ext)

Mix that together and apply a generous amount to the sliced side of the banana. I use about half of the glaze. By now your coals should be hot.


Otherwise your bananas are going to taste like a sweet mix of whatever you last grilled! I had a piece of banana that tasted strangely like Chicken!

Put the sliced bananas peel side up on the grates just outside of the coals and put the lid on.

Give this about 2 minutes and then flip the Bananas onto their peels. Cover the Grill back up and leave them on there for about 5 or 6 more minutes. A good indicator that they are ready is that the peels start to pull away from the banana.

Put them hot into a bowl right away with some Ice Cream. I like to pour the remaining glaze over the ice cream banana mix. I would taste the remaining glaze before you do this part though. If if has to much of a whiskey flavor or burn for you, just add a little more Brown Sugar to cut the bite.


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  1. I like grilling fruit on the grill – adds a special touch to ice cream or cookies. That’s a lot of whiskey – I probably would cut back 🙂

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  2. parkerozgood says:

    I do like the Whiskey flavor! You can for sure cut back on it!


  3. I will pass this along to the Grill Master in our house, who loves to grill in all seasons. He had ribs on the grill during last Saturday’s snowfall. He’s never done fruit. It’s time to stretch his grilling expertise beyond meat and potatoes. Thanks for sharing this detailed recipe.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. parkerozgood says:

      I’m always looking for some new stuff! I hope you like it!


  4. Kenneth says:

    Looks sooo good!

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