Roets Mocha Stout Beer Cupcakes W/ a Rumchata Butter Cream Frosting

I was trying to think of a neat beer related food item to bring with to BockFest yesterday and I came across the idea of Cupcakes made with Stout Beer. I have had a buddy in the past that made some with Guinness so I figured I would give these a whirl.

I cheated Slightly on mine. No cake from scratch for this guy. I used a standard box of Betty Crocker Super Moist Devil’s Food Cake Mix.

Betty Crocker Super Moist Devil’s Food Cake Mix

1 1/4 Cups Stout Beer – I used a Local Brewery Roets Coconut Mocha Stout because it tasted like a Mounds Bar. I am not a Guinness Fan.

1/2 Cup Vegetable Oil

3 Eggs

I started by Heating the Oven to 350 Degrees. That is based on my 2 sheets of cupcake pans. In a large bowl, beat all the cupcake ingredients together in a electric mixer on slow for a short bit about 30 seconds and then speed to a medium speed for a couple minutes. You might have to scrape down the bowl a couple times. The beer gave the mix a weird consistency. Not a bad weird, a good one. It kids looked like a runny caramel.

I filled all the cupcake papers up about 2/3rds of the way up and into the oven they went. I baked them for about 20 minutes or until the toothpick comes out clean. Set them aside and let them cool.

Then I did a Rumchata Butter Cream Frosting which turned out pretty rockin.

1/2 Cup Shortening

1 Box of Powdered Sugar I think it was a lb

1 Teaspoon Vanilla

3 or 4 Tablespoons of Rumchata. I poured them in one at a time while it was mixing so I could make sure I got the right texture for the Butter Cream.

Take the shortening and butter and put them in a large bowl and mix them with a electric mixer until its smooth. Slowly add the sugar until it is all mixed up. Add the vanilla and slowly start to add your Rumchata. You want it to look light.

Once them cupcakes are cool, go ahead and frost them up. I am not a pretty baker, but man they taste awesome!

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  1. The stores didn’t have Rumchata but I bought something similar – now I have another recipe (besides drinking it).

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    1. parkerozgood says:

      They were very good! They didn’t last long.


  2. Hey, I’m impressed that you’re baking. These sound unique. Did the beer flavor come through in the cake?

    I thought of you as we drove through New Ulm this weekend on our way to see my mom in Belview.

    On our drive home, we stopped at the Mankato Brewery. Have you been there? The place was busy and I felt more like I was in a bar than a brewery. Apparently I prefer the smaller tap rooms.


    1. parkerozgood says:

      Thanks! Its always fun to try new things! It did actually! I picked a beer that had a unique flavor so I would be able to double check if the flavor came through. Maybe some of thew best cupcakes I have ever made!

      I have never been to the Mankato Brewery, but I have tried a few of their beers. I am with you, I for sure prefer the smaller taprooms.


  3. meksmith1321 says:

    I am so curious to try these! There is a beer bread recipe I have that turns out great, but I’ve never considered putting beer in cupcakes! Then again, alcohol makes everything better doesn’t it? And there ain’t no shame in starting with a cake mix 😊 My favorite cake recipe starts with a classic yellow cake mix (and then I later add amaretto to it).

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    1. parkerozgood says:

      I love the idea of Amaretto and cake!

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  4. Hi there,

    Your post of the Roets Mocha Stout Beer Cupcakes W/ a Rumchata Butter Cream Frosting looks so good, I’m going to have to try to make it. I hope you like and follow my blog too. Lets share some recipes!

    Best Regards,

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  5. Ayla Demirci says:

    im drooling over these! all of my friends think im strange because i love stout beer. i bet theses are so delicious. cant wait to try!

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    1. parkerozgood says:

      They were pretty awesome!


  6. I’ll take a dozen! These look delicious!

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    1. parkerozgood says:

      Thanks! I need to work on presentation but they are delicious!


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