Roasted Coffee Ale (Gluten Free) By Burning Brothers in St Paul

I am a bit more biased to beers from this place since I know a lot of the people involved with it. That just makes their beer all that better. This Roasted Coffee Ale is by far my favorite one they make. It was the perfect beer to enjoy after shoveling out from the latest snowstorm!

It is a a lighter brown ale that you can still see through, but dark enough! It has very bold roasted coffee flavors that you can pick up from the moment you crack open the can. Coffee is for sure the main star of this beer, but I am totally cool with that! There is some light hints of chocolate that just adds to the awesome flavor. It adds a sweet after flavor to every drink!

A great tasting beer and a great Gluten free alternative if you are celiac looking for something good to drink or just living a wheat free lifestyle! Their Beers are all Gluten Free and they are all made in a dedicated gluten free facility. Check them out if you are in the St Paul area, very good stuff!

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  1. mrericness says:

    That sounds delicious. My wife is gluten-sensitive and as a result I always have a special regard for well made gluten-free brews!

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    1. parkerozgood says:

      It is good stuff. They are starting to ship nationwide i believe

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  2. Sounds interesting! A very nice share!

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