Rock On The Range Columbus Ohio 2018

Machine Gun Kelly


I love Music Festivals

Great Food

Very Friendly Helpful Staff

Every Band Crushed It

Cool Outdoor Show

I got to see a couple news states

Breaking Benjamin


Security Lines to get in were ridiculous. So slow

In order to leave the floor (field) they bottle necked you to a small entrance that also had traffic coming the other direction at the same time. You also had to scan your wristband to get in and out of areas. Dumb


It was hot as balls <—- Not their fault

Holy Crap was beer expensive. I understand your going to pay more at a event like this but they were easily 30% more expensive than any other festival i have been to.

The Shims

There was severe weather Saturday and they evacuated the grounds. I don’t give them any credit for being cautious because A) they made everyone walk to a building a quarter Mile away but most people just hung out in the open parking lot. They were just covering their ass so no one got struck by lighting on their ground where they are liable. And B) they gave people very little information about what was happening. We waited in a Security Line to get back in for 2 hours in the heat before they said it would be a couple more hours before they opened the gates but we decided to leave by that point.

But, all in all, we show some rockin shows, ate some good food, did some day drinking,and got very interactive in the pits! What music festival do i go to next?!

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