Soundset 2018 @ The Minnesota State Fair Grounds

I love Soundset! It’s a great Festival. Different from most of the Rock and Metal shows I go to, Soundset focuses on Rap, Hip Hop, DJ’s and the culture that is surrounding all of it. Minnesota has some incredible performers from Prof to Atmosphere to Doomtree to Brother Ali! I will rarely miss a Atmosphere or Prof show! So good! Such great performers!

Plus, who doesn’t like hanging out at the Minnesota State Fair Grounds. I mean, aside from the fact that the sun was blazing, it was a 100 degrees and we were all standing on a asphalt parking lot! But, the beer was cold, the food was rockin, and the acts all killed it!

Aside from the Minnesota Rhymesayer classics, we got some super sweet acts! Wu Tang did a big anniversary show for 36 Chambers, I got a little slice of my childhood seeing DJ Jazzy Jeff and Ice T and Erykah Badu! Plus I got to see some new acts like Pells, Russ and a few others! All In All it was a good day and it was my 3rd Music Festival in 3 weeks!

Here is hoping next year is just as rockin!~

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