Primus & Mastadon @ The Myth Nightclub

I love music and live shows! It’s hard to pick what I like more – Grilling, Beer or concerts?! This show was awesome!

I love Primus! Les’s Folky odd way of telling his stories through a Bass Guitar is amazing! The sound was clear, the lighting was neat, the views from the suite were uncrowded! You pay a little more but totally worth it!

Mastadon crushed it to! They played a lot longer than I was expecting! I haven’t seen them for a couple years but I dug it! Sweet set!

Here is a setlist of what Primus played last night

Those Damn Blue Collar Tweakers

Too Many Puppies

Sgt Baker


Groundhog’s Day

The Valley

The Seven

The Trek

The Scheme

The Dream

The Storm

The Ends

John The Fisherman

Welcome To This World

My Name Is Mudd

Jerry Was a Race Car Driver

Southbound Pachyderm

Holiday in Cambodia

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