Why Do I Not Utilize this Better?!!

So unlike most of the state of Minnesota, I have realized that we have over 10,000 lakes in this state, I don’t need to drive 4 hours up North to go to the cabin! My family has had a place on a small lake just about 5 minutes from the house. This last year and a half my time out there has really dropped. It’s not the nicest cabin, or the nicest lake, but who cares!

It is so peaceful and relaxing, and with everything going on in life right now, its a sweet place to chill and re center yourself. I have been so busy this Summer and Mother Nature hosed us out of a Spring, so my time has been limited. But, this weekend I have nothing going on so I might get some home projects done and then do some quality me time out there. Maybe I will bring Lucy with!

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  1. Looks pretty good to me.

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