Victory Brewing Kirsch Gose Sour Cherry Beer

I was prepared to hate this beer! I’m not sure why I bought it. Oh, I know, the label stuck out to me. That, and I like trying new beers and new styles of beer. So I grabbed a 6 pack at the local Hy Vee liquor store and threw it in the fridge to chill.

I reluctantly grabbed one and poured it into a glass and gave it a whirl. I was instantly proven wrong! It has a really cool light hazy red tone to it and I could smell the cherries almost as soon as I removed the cap. Ice cold this was a great beer! The Cherry flavor wasn’t overpowering, it wasn’t overly sour! It actually really hits the spot on a hot Summer day!

It just goes to show you really can’t judge a beer just by the name or style! I have been proven wrong a few times lately and I am happy for that! Go grab some of this and enjoy it on your next lazy warm Saturday!

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  1. Good morning! Just a note to say thanks for following More Time at the Table. I’ll look forward to seeing you around the blog! Happy Wednesday, Alyce

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  2. LifeAmazing says:

    I think I’d enjoy this beer. Thankyou for reviewing it.

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    1. parkerozgood says:

      It’s really good!


  3. Ella says:

    I’m intrigued!

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    1. parkerozgood says:

      It was pretty Rockin


  4. mchotstuff says:

    I just recently dabbled in gose style beers, which I know will be a gateway to sours. But that’s what happened to me with IPA’s, where I got more and more used to the hoppy flavours and fell in love with it. So no problem doing the same for sour beers.
    Cherry is one of my absolute favourite flavours, so I’m gonna be trying to hunt down a bottle of this beer, cause this looks and sounds delicious.

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    1. parkerozgood says:

      It’s was one of my gateway beers to and now i love coming across new sours at taprooms!

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