Polka King Porter By Door County Brewing

On my last pass through Wisconsin, I stocked up on their local beers. One of them that I grabbed was the Polka King Porter by Door County Brewing. It is a Porter, but it kinda pours and tastes like a Brown Ale. I am cool with it. I thought it was a great beer.

It has a nice darker color to it when poured with a nice head! The coffee flavor is very apparent, but not overpowering. If you dig the flavor of coffee and chocolate, you will dig it. The minute you pop that cap, you can smell all the different flavors. It has a very bold smell.

It is a weird beer though because it seems very thin for a Porter. I normally expect Porters to cling to my glass but this one pours fairly quick and cleanly. Ice Cold it is a rockin drink!

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