Jack White 8/6/18 @ The Armory Minneapolis Minnesota

Every show coming to town lately seems to go to the Armory, and I’m totally cool with that. That place might be one of the coolest venues (close tie with the Palace) to open back. This trend of re purposing old abandoned buildings seems to be paying off! I have 3 more shows there in the next couple of months! I also learned a super cool trick about the place, but that’s not something I am going to share.

Jack White put on a sweet show. I have been to shows before where security was pretty hardcore about making sure people didn’t use their phones, but this show went to the next level. When you walked up, they put your phone into this pouch that was sealed with one of those tags you see on department store clothes. They had designated areas you could go get you phone case unlocked to use it, but it was no where near the show.

As a result, we got kind of a neat little extra. About half way through the show, Jack walked off stage and came back out with his kids. He told the crowd that since there was no cameras, he was cool with doing this. It was his son’s birthday the next day so he got everyone to sing him happy birthday.

They played some deep cuts, the hits, a Beck cover and really everything you would of wanted to hear. It got a little jammy a couple times, but I dig artists putting their own twists on live stuff! I would see him again! Really cool show Poster Art as well!


  1. Over and Over and Over
  2. Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground
  3. Corporation
  4. Freedom At 21
  5. Devils Haircut
  6. Cannon
  7. Why Walk A Dog?
  8. The Hardest Button to Button
  9. Hotel Yorba
  10. Blunderness
  11. Little Bird
  12. My Doorbell
  13. Hypocritical Kiss
  14. Respect Commander
  15. I Cut Like A Buffalo
  16. Humoresque
  17. Ball and Biscuit
  18. Icky Thump
  19. Steady, As She Goes
  20. Ice Station Zebra
  21. Connected By Love
  22. Seven Nation Army

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