Zac Brown @ Target Field Minneapolis Minnesota

As you could probably tell, I like my music loud and agressive for the most part, but i do have a appreciation for most types and sounds. The area I have the least tolerance is new Country. That music genre has lost its way. They have stolen so many different styles from other types of music it all just sounds like a new type of pop. But, there is always some exceptions. Enter Zac Brown.

They are like seeing a really great bar band. They have a great Country sound, a awesome energy, they sound great and they play a sweet mix of some great covers to keep the show upbeat.

This was my 2nd time seeing him and I will go back everytime he comes to town! One Direction opened and I was not expecting to like them as much as I did. From the moment they took they stage, they played hit after hit.

What a great show overall. And such a beautiful night at Target Field! Here is the setlist Zac played



Kashmir -Zeplin Cover

The Devil Went Down To Georgia

Knee Deep

As Shes Walking Away

Use Somebody

Cold Hearted

Keep Me In Mind

Day For The Dead

Colder Weather / Take It To The Limit

Whipping Post


Day That I Die

Bohemian Rhapsody

Free / Into The Mystic

Whiskeys Gone

Quiet Your Mind

Enter Sandman

Sweet Arnie

Beautiful Drug

Chicken Fried


Cult of Personality

Bennie and the Jets


Thank You

Percussion Solo

Baby Got Back



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