Pearl Jam @ Washington Grizzly Stadium Missoula Montana 2018 Home Shows Tour

So Pearl Jam decided to do a quick tour focusing on the members home towns. They did shows in Seattle, Boston, Chicago, and Missoula. Never have I been to Montana, and I love the Mountains, so it was a easy choice. This was Jeff’s home show.

With 2018 being the year of road trips, we decided to keep that going. We used the app Turo which is like the Air BnB of car rental. I was skeptical at 1st, but it was a awesome and pretty cheap experience. We got a 2018 Nissan Maxima fully loaded with unlimited miles!

We rented a house right in the mountains from this nice but somewhat crazy lady. That is a whole nother story for another day. So Beautiful. You would sit on the deck and stare at a river and mountains.

The show was sweet, but man was it preachy. I know they all are usually, but this one was extreme. That’s show with a super controversial show poster.

But, good with the bad, it’s still Edie Vedder and Pearl Jam and they sound as good as they ever did. Here’s a set list they played of your interested


Low Light


Do The Evolution

Arms Aloft

Mind Your manners



Even Flow

In My Tree


Lightning Bolt

Not For You


Setting Forth

Ederly Woman Behind The Counter in a Small Town

Cant Deny Me



Bee Girl



Given To Fly

Throw Your Hatred Down

Better Man


Know Your Rights


Rockin In The Free World


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