Las Vegas 2018!

I like to treat myself after Fest and Trail, and when i was offered to stay in a 3 bedroom suite not far off the strip, i was happy to know how i would be treated this year!

It was a cool place. Nothing special about the rooms, but each one had double glass doors leading to our own giant patio. So nice to sit out in the 75 degree sun while thinking about the snow and cold outside!

Aside from the gambling, wandering and day drinking, we hit a couple touristy things. Like Madame Tussauds Wax Mueseum. Cool to say i saw it but not sure i would recommend it.

We also hit the neon light graveyard. Very cool. They have some restored lights. Very informative tour guide. I would recommend it! Go at night, make reservations online!

And Pawn Stars

Then here is just some rando stuff! Till next time Vegas!

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  1. Vegas is always a good idea. 🌟✨💫


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