Lioness, DJ Keezy, Dem Atlas & Atmosphere @ The Palace

Atmosphere is playing, I’m going. Plain and Simple. I have never seen a bad Atmosphere show. They bring it every time like it is their last show ever. The fact that it was at The Palace theatre in St Paul was just a big bonus! If you haven’t been the yet, go check it out. Along with The Armory, it might be one of the best venues in the cities!

Dem Atlas absolutey crushed it as well like always. If you have not seen this dude live yet, you are missing the boat. He is so good and so live energy. Mix him in with some DJ Keezy and you can’t loose! In the 6 or so times I have seen him, we have interacted in some way or another. Wether a high five, hug, selfie, whatever, this is a gracolious artist! I can’t say enough good things!

I was a little worried about the nigh because when we got there, the place was surrounded by fire trucks but it was simply unrelated!

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