Shakopee Brewhall Voices In My Head Russian Imperial Stouts

I dig Russian Imperial Stouts! I like their super darkness and their intense richness. Usually also a high ABV. This one was a 10%er.

It’s a good beer, I’ve had it a couple times now but this last time I got a Crowler of it. I don’t know if I got one at the tail end of its life, but it was a little flat. Still good, but it was missing something.


‘ll have to swing into the Brewhall on my way from work maybe tomorrow and try it on tap!

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  1. thebeerwanderer says:

    One of my favorite styles, too. Munich finally has a good one called Round House Kick. Pricey for here but about the same as the US. Brewer was an American that has since moved up to Berlin to do another brewpub. His German friends are doing a fine job of re-creating it.

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    1. parkerozgood says:

      I love this time of year when it gets colder and all the different Stouts and Porters come out!

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