Sippin Into Darkness Chocolate Imperial Stout by Hoppin Frog Brewery

I love my dark beers, and I love them more with a coffee tint! This one was pretty good! And again, i was a sucker for the label!

From the minute I poured it, I got a whiff of the chocolate. It is one of the main flavors and it makes this a very rich stout, but thats how it should be.

Stouts should be served around 50 degrees or roughly the average temp of a root cellar. The colder it is, the more of the flavor you loose. Plus I feel it makes the beer taste way more boozy. Especially if your drinking a bourbon barrel aged beer. The bourbon flavor can dominate the colder it is.

I bring this up because i forgot this one out in the freezing cold for a awhile and my first couple sous weren’t that great!

If your into Chocolate Martini Imperial Stouts or dark beers in general, give it a whirl! A very smooth beer!

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