Dem Atlas / Sean Anonymous @ The 7th Street Entry

This is my 1st show of 2019. A nice way to kick off the year. I love the 7th Street Entry and Dem Atlas is awesome! I had just gotten done saying to a friend that more cool Rap shows need to come to town and more shows need to happen at the Entry. And just like that, a couple days later, i saw this show advertised.

I love the Entry because shows are always cheap, it’s such a intiment show, and I love when the Entry bangs louder than the Mainroom. I have been in the 1st Ave Mainroom tons of times and heard the Entry just bumpin and always get a little jealous. G Love and the Special Sauce (which I almost went to as well, I dig G love, this is a shot from the Fair) were in the mainroom and I garuntee people were wondering what was going on next door.

Keezy, Greg Grease, Dem Atlas, Sean Anonymous all crushed it! I love all of them! Dem Atlas is one of the best acts I have seen in a super long time! Check him out!

2019 should be a good year for shows!

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