Disturbed / Three Days Grace @ Target Center Minneapolis Minnesota

I very much dislike the Target Center. It is so outdated and their way of handling events is so archaic. The sound is great, but that is where the positive experience ends.

I won’t complain to much about their way of doing things, but the 2 biggest problems were they bottlenecked the entire GA floor into 1 entry and that super slowed things down. Then they only had 2 old guys at seperate beer tubs selling expensive beer on the floor.

We got in, after the super long line, about half way through Three Days Grace. They are cool, but for sure not my focus for the evening.

When we first walked out onto the floor, i noticed a secondary stage in the back with everything covered up. I looked at my buddy and told him something cool was going to happen here and that we should just hang out. That thinking for sure paid off when Disturbed came in and played right in front of us.

The drummer loves dogs, and the Blackhawks, so I’m a little torn! Let’s Go Wild!

Overall, lots of fire, no preaching, good music, could of been louder. Not a bad 2nd show of the year.

Here is the setlist from the show

Are You Ready


The Vengeful One

The Animal


The Land of Confusion

Hold On To The Memories

The Game

A Reason To Fight

Watch You Burn

The Sound Of Silence


Inside The Fire


The Light

No More

Down With The Sickness

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  1. Love Disturbed. They’re on my bucket list.

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    1. parkerozgood says:

      They are very good live!

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  2. Thank you for following my blog. I look forward to reading yours.

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