LiftBridge Irish Coffee Stout

I have said it many times, Coffee flavored things is the quick way to my heart. I love Coffee Beer! What a neat combo and this one does not let down!

It was a really nice dark brown when I poured it and there was a nice full head on it. You could smell the coffee almost instantly! Not a ton of carbonation and very little boozy flavor. The closer you get it to 55 degrees, the less it comes out.

Liftbridge nailed it here! I’m happy I have another bottle in the fridge! I’m going to have to head out to Stillwater one of these days and check them out in person!

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  1. So do you also go to art shows as well? We serve beer at the openings…

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    1. parkerozgood says:

      I do occasionally. I hit a few in downtown Minneapolis. I have a couple Artist friends who are always showing their work


      1. I print at Highpoint of course our beer probably isn’t what you really want to drink…I would have to say the prints on the wall probably make up for it. My brother has this passport thing where he can taste all the interesting beers at the breweries.

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  2. I’ve not tried coffee beer. But Lift Bridge Hop Dish rates as one of my favorite Minnesota beers. Just the name alone makes it a favorite.

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    1. parkerozgood says:

      I’d love to go check them out in person!


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