Kiss End Of The Road Tour 2019 Target Center Minneapolis

There is probably something to say about this band having a novelty persona. This show was cool, but I have seen KISS before so the real shock and awe stuff was cool but not as cool. Kind of like watching the movie “The Hangover”. The 1st one is cutting edge hilarious. The 2nd one is good, but I had already seen all the jokes.

But, the music was clear, the fire was hot and they cranked out the hits. You could tell they are old, Gene had to go sit down for a couple minutes every few songs.

Paul talked to the crowd quite a bit, but it felt like the same exact speech they give every city. But, when you have been on the road as long as they have, you must run out of stuff to say.

Bottom line is, if your a KISS fan, you’ll dig the show. They say this is the final tour, but I have seen that movie before! Watch what happens with Motley Crue once the documentary and new songs are released!

Here is a set list from last night

1. Detroit Rock City

2. Shout It Out Loud

3. Duece

4. Say Yeah

5. Heaven’s On Fire

6. War Machine

7. Lick It Up

8. Calling Dr Love

9. 100,000 Years

10. Cold Gin

11. God Of Thunder

12. Phsyco Circus

13. I Love It Loud

14. Let Me Go, Rock and Roll

15. Love Gun

16. I Was Made For Lovin You

17. Black Diamond


18. Beth

19. Do You Love Me

20. Rock and Roll all Night

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  1. My middle brother loved KISS. Maybe still does. Not me. But I’m glad you enjoyed the concert.

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