Shinedown W/ Papa Roach and Asking Alexarndria @ Target Center

This was show #2 (It was supposed to be #4 but stupid snow…) Of a cool 2 week period of live music. It all culminates this weekend!

This was another good show. The Target Center really is a great venue. It’s not to big so you feel pretty close to the stage wherever you are and the sound there is fantastic. Very clear. Sure it has it’s issues, but every venue does!

The show started with Asking Alexandria. I’ve seen them before and I dig them, but we were running a little behind so we missed them. We got to our seats roughly as Papa Roach was starting.

I have seen Papa Roach a few times over the years and they always bring it! They could of been the headliner. Here is their set list from last night

1. Last Resort

2. Help

3. Who Do You Trust?

4. Getting Away With Murder

5. Face Everything and Rise

6. Renegade Music

7. Between Angels and Insects

8. Elevate

9. Not The Only One

10. Forever

11. Come Around

12. Scars

13. Born For Greatness

14. To Be Loved

Now I’ve been a fan of Shinedown for a long time and I have been hooked on seeing them live since seeing them at Northern Invasion a few years ago. Their shows are pretty high energy, their songs are all pretty catchy and you can tell they dig their fans.

If I had one complaint, I hate when bands pander to the crowd. I like fan interaction, but when your asking the crowd to pick what song you play next when you know you already have a set song list seems unecessary. But, lots of fire and fireworks and some loud rock is hard to go wrong!

Here is Shinedowns setlist from last night

1. Devil

2. Diamond Eyes

3. Enemies

4. Monsters

5. Black Soul

6. I’ll Follow You

7. Unity

8. Get up

9. Bully

10. Amaryllis

11. Call Me

12. How Did You Love

13. Second Chance

14. 45

15. Simple Man

16. Cut The Cord

17. Sound of Madness

18. Brilliant

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  1. “Stupid snow” is right.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. parkerozgood says:

      We are driving through another blizzard! Denver bound in the early AM!


  2. denise421win says:

    looks like a great experience


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