Cypress Hill St Patrick’s Day Weekend Denver CO

I love Colorado, and I love Cypress Hill! Perfect! St Patrick’s Day Weekend? Sold! I try and go to Colorado at least once a year so this seemed like the perfect excuse to go see one of my favorite groups from the 90’s and stock up on some rockin Craft Beer! So we got the car rented via Turro, a house rented via Air BnB, some VIP tickets for the show as we were ready!

As per the luck we have traveling this year, we were driving right into the blizzard that just went through. In Minnesota here it was just intense super fog, but once we got into Nebraska, the wind became a major factor. We got to Grand Island before we were forced to stop.

Back on the road bright and early and a little disappointed because we didn’t see anything that looked like it warranted shutting down the freeway. Pulling into the Denver area is so cool. When you turn the corner and bam, there’s the mountains!

Aside from the show, we hit the typical spots. Molly’s for our beer needs! That place is awesome! Voodoo Doughnuts to stock up on our doughnut needs.

And as a bonus, we took my fantasy Football Championship trophy out to Red Rocks for some hood trash talking ammo!

The show itself was at The Filmore in Denver. I had heard that GA wasn’t that great there so when i saw tables available on a elevated area, i jumped on them. First surprise of the night was that Xzibit was there! Nice to check him off the list.

After Xzibit was Hollywood Undead. They are alright. I feel like there is 4 to many bros in the band.

Cypress Hill did not let down. They came out, crushed the hits, sounded good, and made me happy we went. My last 2 shows were filled with fire and fireworks, so seeing a show with no frills was a little odd!

The second surprise of the night was the Mixmaster Mike was the DJ for Cypress Hill! If you were/are a Beastie Boys fan, you know that name!

Overall, it was a great trip! I can’t wait to go back! Here’s a quick shot of their capitol all lit up for St Pattys Day!

Here is the setlist Cypress Hill played

1. Band of Gypsies

2. Real Estate

3. Hand on The Pump

4. When The Shit Goes Down

5. Throw Your Set In The Air

6. Put Em In The Ground

7. Lain Lingo

8. Latin Thugs

9. Tequila Sunrise

10. MixMaster Mike and Eric Bobo Instrumental

11. Roll It Up, Light It Up / I Wanna Get High / Cisco Kid / Dr Greenthumb / Hits From The Bong

12. How I Could Just Kill A Man

13. Insane In The Brain

14. I Ain’t Going Out Like That

15. Rock Superstar

16. LSD

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