Rob Schneider Live @ Mystic Lake Casino

I grew up with the comedy of Rob Schneider! Classic iconic lines like

“Makin Copies”


“The Rickster, the Rickinator”

Or my favorite

“You can do it”

I loved that whole group from 90’s SNL! Sandler, Spade, Rock, Farley, they were all awesome and all hilarious! When I saw Rob coming to town, i jumped. I bought right away and ended up with pretty good seats.

The day of the show hit and we were walking through the casino to get food and a friend who works at the box office texted me saying to stop by before the show.

We ate quick and headed over. She looked at me and said that there was a problem with our seats and she needed to see my tickets. She took our tickets and slid 4 new tickets across the counter. She smiled and put her finger to her lips to indicate it was a secret.

Now our tickets were already pretty good, but now we were 2nd row dead center! I have been to alot of events, but I have never gotten seats that good

Rob came out and was pretty funny! He touched on some topical issues, tackled racism and feminism, did a bunch of name dropping, ripped some hecklers and overall entertained! It wasn’t the greatest show ever, but so close to home and those rockin seats made up for it!

I saw Adam Sandler is headed to Treasure Island Casino in July! Hmmmmm

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  1. I always appreciate a good (clean) comedian. C Willi Myles is at the Paradise Center for the Arts in Faribault at 7:30 p.m. this Saturday.

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    1. parkerozgood says:

      I do appreciate some clean humor, but I’d being lying if I said I didn’t like it a little more raw!


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