Weezer & The Pixies at Excel Energy Center in St Paul

The 2019 concert season is in full swing and the latest show was Weezer. I love anything 90’s and Weezer holds a special place in my heart. They are rock stars, but more importantly, they are all akward nerds which makes them super relatable as a band.

There seems to be 2 groups of people when it comes to Weezer. Group A consists of people who think that the only good thing they thing they did was the Blue album and Group B thinks the new stuff blows that out of the water. There is a pretty funny SNL sketch about it even. I actually love all their stuff, except this new album of covers they did.

The Pixies were good. I am not a huge fan, but they sounded pretty solid. Weezer was rockin! Crystal Clear vocals, nice mix of sound, fire, and all the hits. My one complaint is all the covers they played. The show would of been super short of they didn’t play them.

They opened the show with a barbershop quartet version of Pork and Beans. Awesome!

Bottom line is I love Weezer and i would see them whenever they come to town. Here is the setlist they played

1. Pork and Beans -Barbershop Quartet Version

2. Happy Days Intro

3. Buddy Holly

3. If you were wondering if I want you

4. Surf Wax America

5. The Sweater Song

6. My Name is Jonas

7. El Scorcho

8. Everybody Wants To Rule The World

9. High As A Kite

10. Paranoid

11. Perfect Situation

12. Take On Me

13. Up The Beach

14. Hash Pipe

15. Africa

16. Island In The Sun

17. No Scrubs

18. Pink Triangle

19. Beverly Hills

20. Pork and Beans

21. Say It Ain’t So

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