Alice In Chains At The Armory in Minneapolis

Alice In Chains is one of my favorite rock bands. I grew up with them in the 90’s and I can proudly say I saw them with Layne before he passed, and I have seen them a bunch of times with William. Both very good lead singers.

I love the Myth, but I want them to crank it up. I’ve seen Metal, Rock, Punk Rock there and each show I have been able to have a normal conversion with the person next to me. That should not happen. I thought my brains were going to pour out my ears at Ice Cube! Let’s find a happy medium!

The music was super crisp and clear, but the vocals seemed like they were getting drowned out. Even when William or Jerry adressed the crowd, it was super hard to hear. But, they crushed the classics and played everything I wanted to hear!

Next show at the Armory is a rap show, so we will see how loud they get that cookin! Here is the setlist they played

1. Bleed The Freak

2. Check My Brain

3. Again

4. Never Fade

5.Them Bones

6. Dam That River

7. Hollow

8. Your Decision

9. Ranier Fog

10. Down In A Hole

11. No Excuses

12. Stone

13. Red Giant

14. We Die Young

15. Nutshell

16. Angry Chair

17. Man In A Box


18. The One You Know

19. Got Me Wrong

20. Would?

21. Rooster

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