The Original Misfits Live At AllState Arena Rosemont Illinois

So 2019 has been of to a good and bad start for music. Good for all the different shows we have already seen so far, and bad for all the travel / weather related issues. It started with the blizzard that closed 35 in February, the Bombo Cyclone that closed I-70 in March and as soon as we got to the greater Chicago area, we were alerted to a Winter Storm warning. It did snow a ton all day Saturday, but nothing really accumulated. The worst was the wind and cold.

Chicago trips are fun. Like always, we hopped on the Amtrak in St Paul. If you’ve never taken the train, do it. Aside from the constant grumbles of America’s crumbling Railway infrastructure, it’s a comfy way to travel. Big seats, WIFI, outlets in the seats, cheap beer, you go through some very pretty backwoods areas and you don’t have to give Wisconsin any of your money!

The show was alright. It was a very rare show to see them all together like that. I believe they are only doing a couple shows. I’ve always liked The Misfits. I wasn’t a giant fan, but they love Halloween and the Spooky, I love Halloween and the Spooky so it only made sense.

These dudes are old. Now, I knew that going into it, and I have seen other aging acts over the last few years. Only difference is that The Misfits are very high energy so that kind of action takes a toll on you. No one was that more evident in than the legendary Glen Danzig himself. After only 2 songs he was super wheezing into the microphone as he talked!

It was a loud show, but that kind of embodies the punk rock life. Loud, rambunctious, bold, in your face, larger than life but I would of liked a little more clarity overall. I would of loved to see them in their hay day, but this will do!

This is the Setlist they played

1. Death Comes Ripping

2. 20 Eyes

3. I Turned Into A Martian

4. Where Eagles Dare

5. Some Kinda Hate

6. Mommy, Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight

7. Vampira

8. All Hell Breaks Loose

9. Teenagers From Mars

10. Children In Heat

11. London Dungeon

12. Earth A.D.

13. Green Hell

14. Horror Business

15. Hollywood Babylon

16. Who Killed Marilyn

17. Devilock

18. Halloween

19. Astro Zombies

20. Skulls

21. Violent World

22. Die, My Darling

23. Last Caress


24. Night Of The Living Dead

25. Hybrid Moments

26. Bullet

27. She

28. Attitude

29. We Are 138

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