Soundset 2019 At The Minnesota State Fair Grounds

Soundet is one of my favorite times of year. The weather is typically pretty awesome and I’m usually twitching to hit a festival somewhere. This is my 1st one of the year! We amped it up this year and grabbed ourselves a party bus. Our group size increased so it only made sense!

The mix of everything you get to see there is incredible. From people watching to the crazy cars in the car show! Ever seen a pimped out Astro Van?

How about 34″ rims?

The music is typically very awesome as well. Rhymesayers do a incredible job with our local talent and bringing in big names. The 2 top headliners this year were G Eazy and Lil Wayne. We stayed for about 5 mimutes of Lil Wayne. I love the local guys and ladies! Dem Atlas is one of my favorite local acts! He transcends rap into a whole different genre! So good!

Prof followed him on the same stage and that was crazy as always! He started the set by rolling out a 40 foot section of that foam you play on lakes with right over the crowd as walked out and ended with about 6 giant rafts crowd surfing over everyone!

After Prof on that stage we got to see DMX! He’s old, but he came out in a Randy Moss Jersey and crushed the hits!

I told myself when the year started that I really wanted to see Run The Jewels somewhere and was willing to travel but then before my eyes they appeared on the lineup! Killer Mike and El-P did not let me down!

We headed over to the Atmosphere stage to catch one of our favorites, Atmosphere. They have never let us down. Always such a good show.

I can’t wait for next year’s adventure! And I can’t wait for the State Fair!

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