Doomtree at The Common Sound Music Festival

I love Minnesota music from Dylan to Atmosphere! In between is a rockin group called Doomtree. Every member individually is rockin, but together they can be epic. Always a solid energy and a pumped up set list! This show didn’t disappoint.

The venue was at a Synagogue in St Louis Park, so that was a little odd, but it was a light easy going crowd for a Sunday Show so It was all good. If I could change one thing, it would of been the food options. No good! Here’s hoping they do this again next year! I always like to support local causes, as if I can see a cool show at the same time, That’s a win win.


ere is a setlist of the songs they played

1. Gray Duck

2. Heavy Rescue

3. No Way

4. .38 Airweight

5. Off In The Deep

6. The Bends

7. Bolt Cutter

8. Cabin Killer

9. Get Down

10. Ayeyayaya

11. Traveling Dunktank

12. Spill Me Up

13. Beacon

14. Little Mercy

15. Final Boss

16. Team The Best Team

17. Bangarang

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  1. Live vicariously through you, great post!

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