Grilled Lemon Walleye Filets

Some of the last pre ice fresh caught Walleye Filets! Why not throw them on the grill. The process is very easy and the results are very awesome. All you need is

Walleye (or your choice fish) filets

Some seasoning (I used a Traeger Grills Fin and Feather)

4 or 5 Lemons.

Your gonna want to start by getting your coals going. You want to do indirect heat for the fish so stack them coals to one side when ready.

While the coals are getting ready, slice your Lemons thin and when the coals are set, lay the lemons on the opposite of the grill in overlapping rows. Throw your fish right on top of the lemons and season them up. Cover the grill and give it about 15 to 20 minutes.

Fish is pretty easy to tell when done because it can get flaky and kinda picks apart with a fork. Your free to try some wood chips if you like, but I would keep it mild! Good luck!

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  1. Living in Michigan I love walleye – looks so good. That’s the way I grill my fish – on top of lemon slices!

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