Powerman 5000, Hed p.e. and Adema @ St Croix Casino

Part of the days of disorder tour, this stop brought back some early 2000’s memories. I rocked out so hard to these bands while driving! Aside from the obvious aging, it was like seeing them back then all over again.

I was a huge fan of the security (?) Check going in, but the sound was way off. Almost to much treble in the vocals. Solid bass but it was hard to differentiate songs at times. Still a rockin show! Here is Hed p.e setlist

No Apologies

Killing Time

Let’s Ride




Raise Hell



Can I Rock

Here is Powerman 5000’s Setlist

Footsteps and Voices

Invade, Destroy, Repeat

Hey, That’s Right

Super Villian

Playing God

Black Lipstick

How To Be Human

V is for Vampire

Horror Show

Seven Nation Army / It’s Tricky / Rebel Yell / Electric Avenue / Dragula


A Eye is Upon You

Supernova Goes Pop

When Worlds Collide

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  1. mrericness says:

    Whoa, the memories! Thinking back to seeing Powerman 5000 at a very small club back in 1999 now.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. parkerozgood says:

      Right! It was a very nostalgic night


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