2019 Minnesota Twins MLB Home Opener VS the Cleveland Indians

This might of been the 1st opener win I can remember being at and we go to most of them! It’s not about the Win (even though that helps)! It’s about being outside at the ballpark with friends, a fresh season, a clean start, cold beer and new food! We will start with the beer….

Rob Schneider Live @ Mystic Lake Casino

I grew up with the comedy of Rob Schneider! Classic iconic lines like “Makin Copies” Or “The Rickster, the Rickinator” Or my favorite “You can do it” I loved that whole group from 90’s SNL! Sandler, Spade, Rock, Farley, they were all awesome and all hilarious! When I saw Rob coming to town, i jumped….

Cypress Hill St Patrick’s Day Weekend Denver CO

I love Colorado, and I love Cypress Hill! Perfect! St Patrick’s Day Weekend? Sold! I try and go to Colorado at least once a year so this seemed like the perfect excuse to go see one of my favorite groups from the 90’s and stock up on some rockin Craft Beer! So we got the…