Rob Schneider Live @ Mystic Lake Casino

I grew up with the comedy of Rob Schneider! Classic iconic lines like “Makin Copies” Or “The Rickster, the Rickinator” Or my favorite “You can do it” I loved that whole group from 90’s SNL! Sandler, Spade, Rock, Farley, they were all awesome and all hilarious! When I saw Rob coming to town, i jumped….

Lioness, DJ Keezy, Dem Atlas & Atmosphere @ The Palace

Atmosphere is playing, I’m going. Plain and Simple. I have never seen a bad Atmosphere show. They bring it every time like it is their last show ever. The fact that it was at The Palace theatre in St Paul was just a big bonus! If you haven’t been the yet, go check it out….

My 2018 Minnesota Renaissance Festival Season

Another season has come to an end and I can breathe a sigh of relief as I can finally sit back a little and catch my breath! Fest is a big commitment every year. The amount of hours worked between Fest and Trail alone is staggering! When you work the 40 hour regular work work,…